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    DataGenie awarded best website by AGTA

    DataGenie – a tool for students to visualise, interactively explore, question and analyse data – has won the 2010 biennial Australian Geography Teachers' Association (AGTA) award for best website. The award recognises DataGenie's currency and authenticity, its application of contemporary understandings about how students learn, and its use of cutting-edge production and innovative style in supporting geographical education in Australian schools.

    The DataGenie project, in partnership with Education Services Australia, Space-Time Research and Tourism Australia, allows online, real-time exploration of the comprehensive dataset from Tourism Research Australia's survey of international visitors to Australia over the past ten years.

    Exploring the tourism dataset

    Using DataGenie students can interactively explore, query and analyse authentic data about international tourism to Australia through different types of tables, charts, graphs, maps and innovative animations, and then draw their own conclusions and judgements about the data. Education Services Australia has also provided teacher resources for geography and mathematics. The tool will be a valuable resource to support the new Australian Curriculum.

    Search for 'DataGenie' in your jurisdiction's gateway to access all available datasets.

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