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Software and hardware requirements

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The [email protected] Federation content is designed to be viewed within learning management systems and web browsers. It is developed and tested according to the software requirements listed below.

Software requirements

Check your software with the Analyser tool.

The [email protected] Federation content has been tested in the following operating systems and browsers. You may experience issues when viewing our content outside these software environments.

 Safari 3.0Internet Explorer 6.0Internet Explorer 7.0Internet Explorer 8.0 Firefox 3.0
Windows 2000n/atestedn/an/atested
Windows XPn/an/atestedtestedtested
Apple OSXtestedn/an/an/an/a

Browser plug-ins

The [email protected] Federation content requires the following browser plug-ins.

QuickTimeQuickTime Player 7.6.0Apple Quicktime
PDFAdobe Reader 5Adobe Reader
Flash MXAdobe Flash Player 10Adobe Flash Player
ShockwaveAdobe Shockwave Player 11 (full version)Adobe Shockwave
Java appletsJ2SE Runtime Environment 6.0Java

Hardware requirements

Our content works best on systems configured according to the minimum hardware requirements specified by browser and plug-in manufacturers. Select the relevant link to find out the minimum hardware requirements for each of the browsers and plug-ins below.

Screen resolution

Our content displays best at a screen resolution of 1024 pixels x 768 pixels. At minimum, you will need a resolution of 760 pixels x 570 pixels for header and navigation areas to be completely visible.

For more information about the technical requirements for The [email protected] Federation content, go to the Standards and specifications page.

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