The [email protected] Federation Schools Online Curriculum Content Initiative

Content management and distribution

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Content management

The [email protected] Federation has developed an intellectual property management system (CRISP) for creating, distributing and managing intellectual property rights and a content management system (the Exchange).

We have also developed an interoperability framework that ensures all education systems and schools can access TLF content within their standard operating environments.

Development and delivery flowchart

Content developers create and submit high-quality learning sequences using appropriate media, depending on context and user requirements. The content is then uploaded to the Exchange.

TLF tests the content for both pedagogical and technical integrity; then, once accepted, the content is broken down into stand-alone learning objects, which are assigned intellectual property information and educational metadata.

During the production and post-production stages, learning objects and digital resources are stored in the Exchange repository in a form that is compatible with the online learning services of the Australian states and territories and New Zealand.

Content distribution

Once the content is ready for publication, it is packaged with metadata and intellectual property information and distributed to the government online systems of the Australian states and territories and of New Zealand as required, and usage is monitored.

The governments are responsible for reassembling and repurposing the content to meet the specific needs of individual classrooms, schools and systems.

The [email protected] Federation is managed by Education Services Australia on behalf of the Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs (MCEECDYA). Copyright.