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    Celebrating mathematics

    Engage your students and bring mathematics to life with digital curriculum resources from the national collection. Select from many interactive multimedia resources or resources from our partners, including photographs that have an associated maths activity from the Australian Association of Mathematic Teachers.

    Resources available to teachers include collections of digital curriculum resources, units of work and teacher ideas based around mathematic themes.

    Use these ScOT terms and key words to search in your education authority's portal for more resources: algebra, chance, data, measurement, number, space, geometry, statistics, probability.
    To discover teacher resources, search 'teacher guide' or 'collection' and filter to mathematics resources and year level.

    Teachers say
    The 'content was a wonderful visual and interactive way to illustrate important concepts in the unit.' Jane McAlpine, Chapman Primary School, ACT from R11395 Counting on and counting back - Teacher idea.

    TLF ID: R10269
    With permission of Richard Phillips. Photograph by Richard Phillips.

    TLF ID: R11194
    With permission of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers. Photograph by Will Moroney.

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